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About Hook & Halligan

Hook & Halligan Leather Co. LLC is a Firefighter owned and operated leather shop that specializes in Helmet Shields and SCBA facepiece covers.  Hook & Halligan was founded in 2016 by Doug McWilliams, a Firefighter in Central Virginia. Hook & Halligan is dedicated to getting your designs and ideas onto the leather to create a high quality, tough helmet shield that will last.  

About the Owner/Operator

Doug McWilliams is the Owner/Operator of Hook & Halligan Leather Co. LLC.  Doug is currently a Firefighter/Paramedic with Chesterfield County Fire & EMS in central Virginia.  He has been a Career Firefighter for 9 years.  Before becoming a career firefighter, Doug Volunteered for 6 years in Williamstown, NJ.  

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